Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Party All The Night!

Pheww...Finish exams!Wohoo!Let's party all the night!Anyways,they still give us homeworks..If only the file come alive and it those worksheets in the file..or the worksheets are alive and run the teacher back!Haha!Those are what I call teachers pet...I am so going to cry if I got the paper back and fail...I wish those naughty ones fail with flying colours!Hahaha!No such thing I know..But they got kick out of the class..That is my favourite part!I wonder why those naughty ones could get into my class..=.="..Oh ya.. I forgotten that I have no parents for the I can play the comp. 24 hours or more..!![:So happy!Too bad for those who is not parent free..I suggest to them to relax and take a vacation like mine parents and we could play the comp. 24 hours....Yeh!!!

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