Friday, May 7, 2010

Six Crazy Hours Of Our Lives(school)

Six Crazy Hours Of Our Lives..that means school...If anyone who have faceboook,join that group!It is so true..But that is not true for teachers..cuz their group is 24 hours is not enough!Haha!Sometimes the crazy hours were caused by our teachers..but we can't tell them cuz they will chase us out of class..I wonder for those who are chase out from the teacher are feeling great outside..Seeing birds flying and daydreaming into their world..Miss Wai..I know you want to throw the brightly bright tay out of the class..Now back to the subject,our lives are in the darkness and freaking our minds out..Join at this group on facebook ok!Should make Miss Wai to just kick out Brighty out of the class with his couple,Jeromety!Altogether,Lemon Tea!Freshly make for Miss Wai to drink up fully..Back to the subject,homeworks are so sickening..I feel like tearing it into pieces..but there is no choice..Sometimes teachers make us miserable..I wish teachers give us homework on computers so that I could play for the rest of the day.Haha!Parents will say homeworks are important..but I am not going to agree on that..Exams=Eikk! X.X another maths subject(or others)..just giving you a e.g.

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